Profit Paradise attends the event as an official sponsor

Affiliate World Dubai (AWD) is among the largest events dedicated to affiliate marketing.

After the success in AWD 2022, Profit Paradise confirmed itself as an official sponsor of the event for the second year in a row at the annual conference of the sector. For this new edition, Profit Paradise went for bigger things by participating with an even bigger booth.

And the news did not end here.

In this article we will tell you more about our experience as an official sponsor in AWD 2023 in order to drag you in the fascinating world of the affiliate business.

Dreaming big

Café zone sponsored by Profit Paradise

The booth of Profit Paradise in AWD 2023 was larger and, if possible, more important than the one of the previous conferences. In addition to the booth where information on the functioning of the platform specialized in Nutra and E-commerce products was given, this year we decided to sponsor the Cafè Zone of the event too.

Here, the participants could enjoy a relaxing pause by tasting a delicious coffee and taking memorable pictures. The Cafè Zone is a very popular meeting point during the conferences, since it offers an extra pleasant environment for socializing and creating new connections.

For these reasons, it was an additional opportunity to spread and confirm Profit Paradise in its constantly higher standards.

The Big Reveal

Marco Guarracino speech at the sunset soiree

During AWD 2023 the news already preannounced during AWA 2022 were finally launched.

During the conference, The CEO of Profit Paradise Marco Guarracino, present this time as in the previous events, distributed exclusive invitations for the gala dinner organized by Profit Paradise for the Big Reveal. This special event was only reserved for the Profit Paradise top affiliates. During the evening, renamed “Sunset Soiree“, was revealed the official launch of the project Offersify: the first Global Cash on Delivery Marketplace for Premium Merchant and Clients of Profit Paradise.

Offersify, in other terms, gives access to the best deals on trend several months ahead on the market, at a global level. Thus, an extraordinary opportunity for Profit Paradise top affiliates to secure even bigger businesses.

Never stopping

Offersify at the sunset soiree

This year too, the participation of Profit Paradise in Affiliate World in Dubai turned out to be a great success.

Through its constant commitment in offering great opportunities to its affiliates, Profit Paradise proved once again to be a leading player in the world of the affiliate business.

To attend the event as an official sponsor, this year of the Cafè Zone too, along with the launch of the new ambitious project Offersify, signed Profit Paradise and dedicated only to top affiliates: all this represented an important and deserved finish line for the company, consolidating the basis for an even more promising future in the affiliate world and digital marketing sector.

From this time so on, Offersify will continue to participate in events of this caliber for increasing and refining its authority and seizing many more stimulating partnerships.
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